"Stepanakert Brandy Factory" CJSC, formerly ‘Kharabagh Gold’, includes the wine factories of Red Market, Martuni and Stepanakert. In its production the factory includes fruit vodkas; mulberry and cornel. To carry out the production process the factory procures a large amount of grape and each year it increases the volume procurement. According to the data of the year of 2007 over 5200 tons of grape has been procured, in 2008-5800 tons and in 2009- over 6200 tons.

  "Stepanakert Brandy Factory" CJSC has 212 hectares of vineyard. In Artsakh "Stepanakert Brandy Factory" procures the 70%-80% of the procured grape harvest. The wine factories of Red Market and Martuni mainly provide the realization of grape procurement, production and ageing cognac alcohol by the company and the wine factory of Stepanakert deals mainly with bottling. For this purpose the modern European conveyor with productivity of 2000 bottles per hour has already been invested in the factory which works automatically. 

  One of the particularly essential directions of the economic activity of the factory is wine-making. 
A considerable part of the procured grape harvest has been directed to the production of wine. 

  For the purpose of pomegranate wine production pomegranate orchards are cultivated and each year they go on expanding. At present the factory possesses pomegranate orchard 617 of hectares, 48 hectares of which, a considerable part, is newly-planted. In 2007 over 70 tons of pomegranate has been procured, in 2008 -100 tons, in 2009-150 tons.

The main strategic activity direction of "Stepanakert Brandy Factory" is cognac-making.
At present the factory holds over 100,000 deca-litres of cognac alcohol for ageing. The ageing is completely carried out in traditional barrel method, in oak wood barrels. For this purpose the company has opened cooperage workshop with modern high quality equipments. 
The production of fruit vodkas also plays a significant role for the factory. For the purpose of production of peculiar fruit vodkas of mulberry and cornel, which istraditional for Artsakh, mulberry and cornel are procured in the factory. 
According to the data of the year of 2007 over 200 tons of mulberry and cornel has been procured. In 2009 300 tons of mulberry and 80 tons of cornel has been procured. 

The volume of procurement in 2010 has considerably increased, coming to 400 tons of mulberry and 200 tons of cornel. 
  The prodution of the "Stepanakert Brandy Factory" is mainly exported to Russian Federation, particularly Moscow. 
  The factory actively cooperates with Yerevan Cognac Factory. 
   Generally, in investment plan "Stepanakert Brandy Factory" has made an investment of about 5 billion AMD. Over 800 workplaces have been created and a large scale of work is performed to make the number of these workplaces 1200.