This splendid cognac is prepared from the assortments of exceptional spirits received from the bunches of sunflavoured grapes of Nagorno–Karabakh. As the result of aging process, master’s patience and art of preparations is received this splendid drink with the synthesis of classical and modern styles. It has rich amber and gold-colored tints. Taste is magnificent, saturated with delicate notes of fruit, vanilla and chocolate which emphasize its noble origin. Sensation after tasting the cognac is delicious bright and flavoured. Time will not be enough for revealing the whole secret of this cognac's magic power. 














  The basis for the cognac “Madatov” is the assortment of sweet-tasting grapes ripening in the life-nourishing sun of Nagorno-Karabakh. Traditional Armenian technology of preparing brandy gives excellent masters of this work the chance of receiving perfect sonority of taste punch. This brandy has warm gold-colored tint, floral and vanilla synthesis with saturated aroma. It is a splendid classical brandy, which can be enjoyed in any company.














  Cognac “Madatov” is prepared on the basis of spirit received from the splendid assortment of sunflavoured grapes of Nagorno–Karabakh. This brandy has transparent amber tint and delicate traits of flower-fruit punch typical to new brandy. Its indescribable soft and harmonious taste gives freedom to feelings and inspires mood for creation. The brandy can be enjoyed with fruit and chocolate.